The 1st Hole

Par 5 | Handicap 10

A straight forward Par 5 that plays slightly up hill. Fairway bunkers come into play off the tee. Going for the green in two is rewarded by staying to the right of the green complex. A large greenside bunker, front and right, protects the green.


The 2nd Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 4

A Par 4 with fairway bunkers guard the landing area off the tee and out of bounds to the right and left. A well placed drive allows a short iron to the green. A drive hit slightly off puts you in trouble. You should approach the green on the right as the green surface runs left.


The 3rd Hole

Par 5 | Handicap 12

A Par 5 shortened by playing downhill. Out of bounds left and right causes attention. However, the hole funnels towards the fairway. A good drive allows a long iron or hybrid to the green. The approach to the green is guarded by a medium sized pond and a large bunker. Left and long is a good miss if you are trying to get there in two.


The 4th Hole

Par 3 | Handicap 6

Short is not good on this Par 3 that plays 2 clubs longer.


The 5th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 14

A shorter Par 4 that doglegs right. Aim for the fairway bunkers for a short iron into the green. A shot straight away will give you a mid-iron to the green. Do not miss the green left!


The 6th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 18

A uphill Par 4 that has trouble left and out of bounds right. The green is very narrow and protected in the front and back with bunkers. Accurate distance is critical with your approach shot.


The 7th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 8

A split fairway Par 4 allows you options off the tee. Your approach shot to an uphill green plays a club longer than you think. The front greenside bunker is not your friend.


The 8th Hole

Par 3 | Handicap 16

This Par 3 is longer than it looks. Play the distance while avoiding going left. Besides the green side bunker, the green complex drops significantly off the immediate left side.

The 9th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 2

It appears you can drive the green, but beware. It’s all carry over water. A better play is a shot to the right of the fairway bunker. This will leave a long iron to an uphill green complex.


The 10th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 11

A dogleg left Par 4. Aim left of the fairway bunker. A bunker front of the green doesn’t affect your approach. However, do not get in that bunker.


The 11th Hole

Par 5 | Handicap 3

A true risk/ reward Par 5. Two areas with water to the left and front of each landing area. The opportunity to reach the island green in two is determined by your shot off the tee.


The 12th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 15

A fairway wood, hybrid, or long iron off the tee will put you in perfect position to attack the heavily guarded green. Aim to the fairway bunkers on your tee shot.


The 13th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 1

A very tough, narrow Par 4. An elevated tee provides a great view of the lower fairway. An uphill approach shot to an elevated green, guarded by a large bunker in front, makes for this to be a very difficult hole.


The 14th Hole

Par 3 | Handicap 7

A player leaves number #13 and tries to catch a breath. Then pulls up to #14. A Par 3 that requires a difficult long and accurate shot. Water from tee to green, bunkers left and back, create this beautiful and difficult hole.


The 15th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 9

This dogleg left, Par 4 starts out with a drive across water to a generous fairway. Make sure your drive makes it past the corner of the dogleg to have a good angle to the green.


The 16th Hole

Par 3 | Handicap 17

An extremely short Par 3 that requires an exact yardage shot. This very, undulated green is guarded by a creek in front and bunkers left, right, and back. The correct club selection is critical.


The 17th Hole

Par 4 | Handicap 5

This straight forward Par 4 requires a straight, long drive off the tee. You approach is more uphill than you realize. Avoid the front, greenside bunker at all costs.


The 18th Hole

Par 5 | Handicap 13

A Par 5 that will test your risk/reward options. A good drive will make you think, “on in two”. But…… the bunker and pond at the front of the green will make you think to lay up.


Front 9

White 510395480170340310370180 395
Gold 490375455160330270360150380
Silver 470350435150300240335145 350
Red 390310420140270215305130 320

Back 9

White 3854753053651453901253605106210
Gold 3804552853501403201103204805810
Silver 3504002703151103001102754355340
Red 33037526527080240902404004790